EKKOKKISTIRIA THRAKIS's plant houses a fully equipped quality control
lab staffed by qualified personnel.

Regularly  scheduled sample  checks take  place during  the intermediate
production  stages  while  the  produced  cotton  is  inspected at  a rate
of 100%.

To  secure  the  precision  of  measurements,  temperature  and  humidity
factors  are  constanly  monitored  and  maintained  at  steady  levels  by
a special air conditioning unit Luwa.

The quality control lab's measuring equipments are the following:

  • A small-case lab-size  ginning mill   manufactured   in  England
    by Platt Ginning  used  to  survey  the characteristics of  cotton
    and to specify thw ginning parameters of production.
  • HVI  900-A  Automatic  (Uster)   to  check  the  cotton  fibers'
    length, tolerance, colors, micronaire, etc.
  • AFIS  -  Advanced Fiber Information System (Uster)  to check
    the   cotton    fibers'    percentage    of   short   staples,   neps,
    maturity, dust, etc.
  • Fiberglow 380 (Uster) to scan any potencial bicoloration incurred
    during the mixing of the ginned cotton.

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