The operation  of the ginning  machinery and  the  ginning  production
parameters are monitored  and  calibrated constanly,  through  a  fully
computerized system wich employs an innovative software currently in
use by only seven ginning mills woldwide.

The production machinery is technologically advanced and includes:

  • Six (6) unloading units receiving of seet cotton.
  • Four (4) ginning stands Continental Eagle with 161 saws.
  • One (1) hydraulic press Magnum 930.
  • A by-product processing unit producing gin motes.
The plant's daily production capacity is significant:
  • Receiving: 1.500 tons of cotton seed.
  • Ginning: 700 tons of cotton seed.
  • Bales of cotton: 1.000 weighing 222 kilos each.
  • Cotton seed: 370 tons.
  • Gin Μotes: 150 tons yearly.

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